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Re: List column TYPE is not displayed

You have most likely shrunk the column width too much, so it is barely noticeable.
Find out where the tiny column is and make it wider.
Or delete the layout settings from registry as shown in the links.
I'll look into improving this.

List column TYPE is not displayed

Hello there. I really love WinSCP. One thing I noticed is that the list column "Type" on the remote machine is not displayed.
Currently displaying the following columns:
Name, Size, Changed, Rights, Owner and Group.

When I do right click on list header in the pop-up menu "Show columns" option, the Type column is already checked.
If I uncheck it, and recheck it again, nothing happens.
I'm sure that a previous version worked great.

Version: 6.1
Build: 13764 2023-05-23.
OS: Windows 11 Home - Version 22H2 (Build 22621.1778)