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Re: URL handler consistency

Thanks for your report. I'll look into it.
Tom Becker

URL handler consistency


I'm using latest WinSCP.
When I click an SFTP URL in the browser (Firefox), an installed WinSCP takes care of the handling. That's great. Unfortunately the handler behaves differently if WinSCP is already running (or not).

Lets assume following file:
If WinSCP is running:
SomeFile.txt just gets listed in WinSCP's commander. Download needs to be done manually.

If WinSCP is not running:
The handler asks where to download SomeFile.txt to. WinSCP does not list the file.

For a single file it does not make much difference, but it does for a directory.
Default setting in WinSCP is to download recursively. sftp://some.server/some/directory would download the directory and all sub directories automatically if WinSCP is not running.

How to make WinSCP handler always download or always list?
Preferably the handler asks the user as the people wanting to download something neither have the knowledge nor time to dig through WinSCP config.