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SFTP Solved Problem

I just tried using SFTP and it solved the problem.
Thanks again for help,

Contacting author of previous message

Thanks for replying.
However I tried to contact the author of the message you gave a link to but couldn't find any contact details. Do you have any idea how I could contact this person,
Many thanks again for your help,

Re: File name problem on remote side

Problem is that your server send windows line endings. I have already one report about this. You may write to its author to ask, if he ever resolved it. Otherwise I would recommend you to switch to SFTP instead of SCP, if your server supports it. Let me know.

File name problem on remote side

Hey All,
I was hoping someone could help me solve a problem that is really slowing me down at the moment.
When I connect to a computer using WinSCP, all the files on the remote computer appear with a strange square symbol at the end of their names.
To see exactly what I mean I have a screen shot available here (<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>).
Although I can send files to the remote computer, I cannot retrieve files from it as I get the following errors: Error 1 (<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>) Error 2 (<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>).
I also have the log file available here (<invalid hyperlink removed by admin>) which seems to be indicating some problem with the file names.
Both computers I am using are operating under Windows 2000 and use cygwin to provide ssh access. I thought it may be an issue with the remote computer so I try accessing the localhost and found the same problem.
Does anyone know what the problem is and how to resolve it?
I'd really apreciate some help,