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Re: Bug Report: Overwrite vs Resume

What protocol are you using?

Bug Report: Overwrite vs Resume

I use WinSCP 4.2.7 to transfer files back and forth between a Windows XP Virtual Machine and a Ubuntu 10.04 host. What will often happen is that I will modify a file on XP, making it larger than its previous version, before transferring it back to Ubuntu.

Every time this file is to be copied, it asks me if I want to resume the file transfer, and presents me with an option to never ask again. When I select the checkbox, the option to overwrite becomes disabled. For copying many files at once, having to click No twenty times is a bit of a pain.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create simple text files on remote machine
2. Copy said files to local machine using WinSCP
3. Add content to beginning of files on local machine
4. Copy files back to same directory on remote machine as original files
5. When prompted to resume file transfer, select "Never ask me again"
Expected: Able to click no, not asked this question again, local and remote files match
Observed: "No" option disabled

It is my hope that this bug will be corrected at the earliest opportunity.