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Active mode

Could you please tell me how can I enable active mode for one session? I am noob, please be gentle.

I love WinSCP editor and on the fly uploader.
Thank you very much

Re: How to invoke active mode after version 4.3

martin wrote:

Anyway, why to you prefer an active mode?

Hello Martin,
thx for the link.
I am connecting a farm of 10+ Servers round robin to a 1000+ wending machines from different companies, sitting behind different firewalls and all using the same public IP ranges – of course ...
NATing that is already a BIG pain and PASV would add a lot of configuration on systems out of my control.
So setting up sessions for all these machines, on all the servers on the Farm would not be very efficient, because there are always some of the wending machines in repair, or getting a new module resulting in a new fingerprint.
Not to mention adding new machines ...
I would be updating those sessions all day long ...
Now I am using a central database with all needed information – easily updated ;) but that requires scripting (VB.NET) to connect.

How to invoke active mode after version 4.3


now that FTP defaults to passive mode in 4.3...
How do I invoke active mode on command line or scripting?
I tried -active but had no success.