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.NET assembly / COM library


FTP secure not accepting Certificate in .NET assembly

UTF-8 encoded directory name

report progress

Pause/Resume File Transfer

getting the response stream

Could not laod file or assembly

Prevent access to file until upload complete

capturing errors for failed file transfers

Without hostkey

"Last modified" time being set to 1970

Incompatible external console protocol version 4

Delete directory recursively

Help Using ExecuteCommand? ls is unrecognized command.

Synchronization Checklist

Timeout trying to connect from IIS/ASP

Passphrase Key

5.0.8 Release date ???

Error during creating a directory on a SFTP Server

how to disable "lookup user groups"

Powershell Invoke Command not passing Password to FTP Server

Unable to connect with SFTP using 5.0.7 beta....

  • 2012-07-03 05:33
  • djoy

Error in

.Net Assembly with stored sessions

winscp.dll v5.0.7.0 has no MoveFiles in session class

"The referenced component 'WinSCP' could not be found"

Disable ResumeSupport when using .NET assembly in Powershell

Using .Net to rename file

WinSCP.SessionLocalException: WinSCP process terminated with

Error: Exception: System.IO.IOException

System.OverflowException in WinSCP.ConsoleCommStruct..ctor

Peer Certificate rejected

c# winscp.exe sshhostkey?

DirectoryListing slow?

Might be SSIS, but thought I would post

Different way to use WinSCP within SSIS using a Script task

Cannot Load Assembly in powershell

how can i get the SShKey from server ?

WinSCP .NET assembly Host Key not verified

Host key wasn't verified using WinSCP .NET assembly

ListDirectory with file pattern

download of WinSCP.DLL version 4.3.7

How to Open a Stored Session

Creating remote folder error with permissions

Specify the gorup while spcifying the permissions

Putfiles method hangs

Feature Request: Implement ISession so we can mock

WinSCP in VBA Excel Error: ActiveX component cannot create

Where can I get the example which is writed by C++ Builder?

  • 2012-05-17 10:01
  • abaz

PowerShell/.NET Assembly Error - Recursive calls not allowed

Hi, here here. Help, plz

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