Attempts made with incorrect password !!!



Attempts made with incorrect password !!!


We have couple of scripts which are pointing to a SFTP server. We have used the dual authentication mechanism [Server username & password and public/private key with key phrase]. We have maintained the same details for Server username & password and public/private key with key phrase in all our scripts. We have maintained the same details in WinSCP GUI as well.

Recently, the username which have been using locked and we were unable to process the files [Send/Receive] to SFTP server because of this. When we reached out to the SFTP Server vendor, they told us that the user which we are using is locked because of multiple attempts to login using incorrect password. This has surprised us because, we have been using the same credentials and Public/Private key combination with same key phrase more than an year. After this, we have verified all our scripts to make sure that no script is using the wrong password.

Even after this, our SFTP Server vendor informed us that there are still couple of attempts made yesterday to login using incorrect password and then they stopped noticing this.

I have enabled the logging as well and the only strange thing that i noticed is the below from the log:
. 2016-08-26 10:10:31.418 Unknown server extension"\n"
. 2016-08-26 10:10:31.418 We believe the server has signed timestamps bug

Is this something related for our case? If not, I am out of my options to where i can find the possible reason.

We are using WinSCP 5.7.4 [Build 5553].

Request you to assist me in this.


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