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Recently, I was editing a remote file, saved the changes & closed the editor, then I dropped a file onto WinSCP to upload it...when it Uploaded, I think I noticed the file size was wrong, so I uploaded it again & the file size was 0 bytes...I was very confused, after investigating, it seems my hosts HD was full, so the attempt to upload a new version had blanked the file!!! This file didn't matter, since I was dragging a new version from my comp to the server, I can re-upload it all day, until it works. However, remember I said I edited a remote file & closed the editor? Yup, that file was blank too Shocked ...& that file I had no backup of...(however, after much panicking & a couple heart attacks, I was able to eek out an old version from my hosts backup tho!).

This is not WinSCP's fault at all, however, I would like to request some "detection" of this condition...1st of all, if after uploading, the file size is 0 bytes *SOUND AN ALARM*...if I've already closed the editor DO NOTHING, don't delete the temp file, tell me about the problem & let me re-open the editor, with the existing temp file. The 2nd phase of this detection could be "if the uploaded file size is not the expected size, sound an alarm" (I understand the uploaded size may not be equal the size on my computer due to CRLF conversion, but WinSCP should know what size it should expect, once uploaded). So, for example, if I upload a 5000 byte file & the uploaded size is 0 or 4999 (or even 5001?) bytes, something went wrong.
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Thanks for your suggestion, I'll consider it.
Martin Prikryl

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