Please help - error transfering files.



Please help - error transfering files.

Hi, can somebody please help me transfer some video files using winscp to my iphone.

Im using the interface with 2 sides and i locate the videos on the left (C:\Users\Feelin Bullish\Desktop\SolidWorks Courses) and try to transfer them to my iphone on the right (\private\var\mobile\Media\SolidWorks Videos) by simply dragging from left to right.

I get the error:

File or folder 'eelin Bullish\Desktop\SolidWorksCourses\Video1.' does not exist.

System Error: Code: 3.
The System cannot find the path specified.

I get the same error if i try to drag directly from Windows Explorer or regardless of whether i transfer many videos or just one.

I tried the both file protocols SFTP and SCP.

Im not really sure why the path in the error is cut off "eelin Bullish\Desktop......" instead of "C:\Feelin Bullish\Desktop....."

Im assuming that could be the problem but i dont know how to get around it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

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Re: Please help - error transfering files.

What version of WinSCP are you using?
Martin Prikryl

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