- fails when using drag and drop upload


Guest - fails when using drag and drop upload


I downloaded the zip file from
I am running it on a WinXP, Sp3 box.
Dragging a file from the explorer pane on the left to the upload pane on the right failed.
Dragging file from desktop into the uplaod pane on the right failed.

Both times the emssage was unable to find file ''
Moved file to c:\ incase it was an issue with long filenames, a network drive or escaped characters fro the documents and settings folder. Dragging to upload pane failed again.

Selecting file in the explorer (left pane) and clicking th ecopy button at the bottom succeeded. There is possibly anissue with drag and drop uploads.

Receivng server is ubuntu 10.4, using ssh, very standard setup. Full (777) permissions on the upload folder for the logged in user and the group and user name on the receiving folder were the same as the logged in user.

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