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Hello, i am a complete newb when it comes to this stuff so please dont use all fancy schmancy computer code language when replying.

Basically my problem is this:
I am trying to use WinSCP to transfer music and video files to my ipod (it is my understanding that you can do this). To do so i have followed the steps given on this website and various others to use WinSCP with an iPod Touch. I have my iPod jail broken I have OpenSSH installed using Cydia, and SSH has been switched on using SBSettings under the 'Set Toggles' page. After this i have followed the steps under "Connect via WI-FI" in the FAQ for the iPhone/iPod section. Ie. I have; put in the IP adress under HOST NAME, root into USER NAME, alpine/dottie into PASSWORD, kept port as the default 22, tried the various FILE PROTOCOL settings, yet no matter what i try i still receive the error message "Network Error: Connection Timed Out" after about 30 seconds.

Now before anyone wastes there time telling me to check the FAQ, you should note that i already have viewed the FAQ stated above, the "Common error messages" page and the "Network error: Connection refused" page, all of which didn't provide me with any sort of working solution.

Once again; please try to keep any and all replies in simple english, if the solution does require some technical computer stuff, please leave steps that would be easy for a person with no experience to understand

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