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I am using the GSSAPI login, but I would like to be able to share my session definitions with other users via a common winscp.ini file. However, it won't work as such, since I have to store my username in each session definition.

It would be better if the "username" acquisition was a bit more flexible, so that it could accept '.' to mean "use the console login credentials", %<env_var>% to get some variable value, a command line parameter, or if empty, then prompt for a username (but still use GSSAPI to acquire the ticket once it knows which to use)

The use of the %<env>% form would be to allow me to use something OTHER than the console login credentials (ones that I acquire for a different realm, after login, for instance). e.g. if my console login is, but the remote machine only accepts
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This is actually supported already since 5.0.2 beta:

Though it has not been documented yet.
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