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WinSCP could serve as invisible layer between web applications in browser and local applications for direct files editing on the web.

I am trying to implement such solution with such desired workflow:
1. user clicks specific URL pointing to FTP file
2. user enters his FTP password in a dialog
3. files opens for editing in predefined editor (for example, MS Word for *.doc files, etc.)
4. user edits file and saves in editor, it is transferred to remote server on background
5. user closes the editor and WinSCP closes too

Currently WinSCP allows:
registering scp:// sftp:// URLs
mapping editors with files by extension
opening scp:// sftp:// URLs for file copying
saving on background

But for complete and smooth workflow some things are missing:
1. File should open for editing after user enters password instead of calling copy dialog.
2. I need to register, for example, `myftp://` URL that would not be overridden by browser, but opened with WinSCP as FTP URL.
3. Not that important: I need preconfigured installation package with all setting optimized for the described solution.

I found no settings in WinSCP, nor any info in documentation or forum solving problems 1.
Something similar was requested here: but not yet implemented, as I understood.
Please help to solve this!

Problem 2 requires new feature request, but this would be a useful one! Closest topic:

I think, that such workflow would be very useful for many purposes, because it would work on any browser, for any editor application.

What is more, it could be a solution used instead of numerous single-purpose connectors between web and desktop applications for different document management systems, knowledge bases and many other web applications, that require live files editing on the web.

Could You please help to find a solution?
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Please note, that this request does not require anything totally new: both features are already there, but not where I need it. Smile
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Thanks for your suggestions. I'll consider them.
Martin Prikryl

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