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I have an sftp job running every morning that can have anywhere from 1 to 15 files to transfer. The files are extremely large and we've been having timeout problems.

To get around the disconnects and subsequent delays in the job I have running from a batch file so that it opens a separate (new) session/connection for each file. So far that appears to work. However we're still looking at long transfer times because they process one at a time - first file completely transfers and ends the session, new session initiated and second file transfers then ends the session, etc.

Is there any way that I can force WinSCP to move the files in parallel, i.e., start transferring them all at once? I can do it manually but this has to be automated as my availability to do it each day isn't guaranteed.

Thanks in advance for any hints/ideas/suggestions.
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It is not possible.
Martin Prikryl


If you use a batch file with a for loop and a START command you can run sessions in parallel. For example the code below starts one (parallel) job for every file found in the working directory. Have had it up and running in production x1 week and it's working well.

CD d:\ftp\work88

for /f %%a IN ('dir /b *.zip') do (START winscp.exe /console /command "open Client44" "cd To_Be_Scored" "put -nopreservetime -nopermissions %%a" exit)

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