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We are using WinSCP as FTP-client and found it very useful. Thank you.

However, some of the server to which we upload are connected with large bandwidth (>100mbit/s) links, but which have high latency (>100ms). This is generally known as "long fat pipes" [1].

TCP has had multiple updates to accommodate this kind of links: new congestion mechanisms, window scaling, selective ACK, etc. New operating systems (e.g. Windows Vista and later) automatically use all these when CTCP is enabled (netsh interface tcp set global congestionprovider=ctcp), but also the application must have large TCP-buffers in use to fully benefit from this.

Would it be possible to have the TCP buffer sizes configurable, or at least hard coded to sufficiently large: 2 or 4 megabytes. I have actually patched the winscp.exe binary, to use larger TCP-buffers and fixed everything.

The patching is equivalent to modifying filezilla/TransferSocket.cpp, there's two parts that do SetSockOpt(SO_SNDBUF). However, the buffer size you pass there (2*BUFSIZE)=(2*16384)=32kB. However, that is far too low for "long fat pipes" such us ours. The buffer should be 2-4 megabytes.

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Thanks for your suggestion.
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Martin Prikryl

martin wrote:
Thanks for your suggestion.
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Thank you. Increasing the SO_SNDBUF size fixes upload. (For me uploading to server with RTT 40ms, bumped from 600kB/s to 8-10MB/s which is link maximum; over 10x improvement).

It might be useful to have receive buffers (SO_RCVBUF) set too for downloading. Windows Vista and newer are supposed to have automatic TCP-buffer sizing, if it's not explicitly set. But I've seen it fail under certain circumstances. Additionally Windows XP and earlier set it incorrectly. <invalid hyperlink removed by admin> implies that Windows XP would never choose large enough buffer without registry modifications.

So it might be useful to have optionally set both the receive and send buffers.

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