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I am trying to keep one folder synchronised across 3 different computers with cloud storage being the 'master' storage. It all works fine with 'synchronize both' until a file is deleted from one of the pcs - and then it gets replaced on the next synchronisation. I know now that that is how 'synchronize both' works but how can I set it up so that deletions are also synchronised? I am running this via a script.

The way it works is as follows: -

PC1 --> synchronize both to cloud storage
PC2 --> synchronize both to cloud storage
PC3 --> synchronize both to cloud storage

I can't use keepuptodate because that doesn't download files back from the remote cloud storage. Any of the 3 PCs can make changes and they all need to see all the files.

I wondered if the only way was to run a 'synchronize local -delete' followed by a 'synchronize remote -delete' on each PC but this seems very complicated. Any suggestions?


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Sorry, but just cannot do what you want to do with WinSCP.
'synchronize local -delete' followed by a 'synchronize remote -delete' won't work either. There won't be anything to delete by the latter command after the first finishes.
Martin Prikryl

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