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Hi Martin,

despite reading the docs over and over again, i just can't get WINSCP to do parallel simultaneously FTP transfers.
these are my background transfer settings:

(see attachment 1)

and this is what the queue displays when adding several files from root e.g.

(see attachment 2)
1.jpg (125.42 KB)

Description: settings


2.jpg (21.76 KB) [Download]

Description: queue list: just one file at a time despite there should be several ones transferred parallely

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I do not speak German, but I guess you are using old version of WinSCP does not have Transfer each file individually option
Martin Prikryl

hi martin,

thanks dor your help. it's ne newest version, it got transfer files individually (= jede datei einzeln im hintergrund bertragen)checked,
now got multiplie transfers-. nice. the option should be renamed though...many people seem to understand that "individually" means "no parallel transfers". i suggest renaming that option to "use multiple ftp connections".

thanks a lot

frank woelky

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