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I find myself changing directories a lot, and since the directory structure (based on the configured starting directory) is identical, I have change change the directory on both local and remote identically. For example, if I have the following directory structures:

Local: C:\site\dir1\dir2\dir3
Remote: /usr/home/site/public_html/dir1/dir2/dir3

If I have the starting directories configured as:
Local: C:\site
Remote: /usr/home/site/public_html

If I am in the root of both, to get to dir3 on both, I have to click on six directories (three on local and three on remote). When you do this a lot it is time consuming.

It would be nice if there were an icon which linked directory changes between local and remote. This would mean that I would just have to click on "dir1, dir2, and dir3" on local and it would automatically mirror those directory changes on the remote side.
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You are looking for "synchronized browsing":
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