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Hello Forum
I am having trouble setting up bat driven synchronization.
First off - I know I should post a log, but I am unable to get that to work

Here is my bat /script=synchronize.script /log=Sync.log /parameter %1 "/var/www/%~n1%~x1"

Here is my script

# Being intended for interactive session, we are not enabling batch mode
# Connect
open sftp://me:mypassword@
# Synchronize paths provided via environment variables
synchronize remote "%1%" "%2%"

behaviour -
cmd window pops up and immediately closes - no synchronization takes place
log file does not appear with in send to where the script lives
log file does not appear in parallel with dir I tried to syncrhonize
log file does not appear within the dir I tried to synchronize
log file does not appear at the drive root where I tried to syncronize

placing the log command after the params for the script does not change the behaviour

assistance is most welcome

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Run the from cmd.exe console window to see the output.
Martin Prikryl

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