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Phil Gameson
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I am trying to connect to an SFTP site for which I have been given a user id and password, but not an ssh host key.
Whilst I can connect successfully using the WINSCP front end, if I try connecting via the .NET assembly I either get a message telling me I need to supply a host key, or if I supply an null or empty ("") key I get "Host key wasn't verified".

Do I need to set another option if I am not providing an ssh host key?

I am using version 5.07.2268 WINSCP.exe and of WINSCP.dll.

The C# code I am using is something like:

Session sctpSession = new Session();
// Setup session options
SessionOptions sessionOptions = new SessionOptions
Protocol = (useSftp ? Protocol.Sftp : Protocol.Ftp),
HostName = ftpSite,
UserName = userName,
Password = password
,SshHostKey = "" // Tried commenting this out, but just got different error

// Connect
// session.DisableVersionCheck = true; // Not recommended!

I had this same issue and I believe that I used putty to get my host key.
Phil Gameson
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Joined: 2012-05-29
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Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom
I am new to SFTP and am unsure how to use / get putty - as far as I can see this is not part of WINSCP itself.
Seeing that I can login to a particular SFTP using GUI without specifying a host key I feel that it must be possible to do the same using .NET. [However, looking at the documention, I am not so sure!]

From the documentation it looks like what I actually need is a fingerprint for the Ssh Host Key.
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