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Hi all,
I execute winscp with this command in batch : /command <Eparker.ftp >Eparker.log

my script Eparker.ftp is :
open ftp://XXXX.PARKER.COM
option batch on
option confirm off
option reconnecttime off
lcd c:\wsta
put o-parker1490.snd

It's work kindly but when there is a timeout, it loop :

winscp> open ftp://XXXX.PARKER.COM
Prompting for credentials...
Username: XXXXX
Password: XXXXXX
Connecting to XXXX.PARKER.COM ...
Connected with XXXX.PARKER.COM. Waiting for welcome message...
Starting the session...
Reading remote directory...
Session started.
Active session: [1] XXXX.PARKER.COM
winscp> option batch abort
batch abort
winscp> option confirm off
confirm off
winscp> option reconnecttime off
reconnecttime off
winscp> lcd c:\wsta
winscp> put o-parker1490.snd
o-parker1490.snd | 0 KiB | 0,0 KiB/s | binary | 0%
Lost connection.
Timeout detected.

Copying files to remote side failed.

Entering Passive Mode (12,4,27,140,229,82)
(A)bort, (R)econnect (5 s): Reconnect Evil or Very Mad
Prompting for credentials...
Username: bye
Authentication failed.
(A)bort, (R)econnect (5 s): Reconnect
Prompting for credentials...
Authentication failed.

WHAT I have to make to avoid the buckle of the attempts of reconnexion and that the program stops in error

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