Topic "Error during creating a directory on a SFTP Server"

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I have to create a directory on a SFTP Server. I use the .net assemby 5.0.7.

Dim ComResult As WinSCP.CommandExecutionResult
 comResult = session.ExecuteCommand("MKDIR " & strRemoteDir & strDirZeitstempel)
catch ex as Exception
End Try

I get this error message:

{WinSCP.SessionLocalException: Element "call" not found in the log file" & vbCrLf & " bei WinSCP.CustomLogReader.WaitForNonEmptyElement(String localName, LogReadFlags flags)" & vbCrLf & " bei WinSCP.CustomLogReader.WaitForNonEmptyElementAndCreateLogReader(String localName, LogReadFlags flags)" & vbCrLf & " bei WinSCP.Session.ExecuteCommand(String command)" & vbCrLf & " bei Export.ExportFiles() in C:\_.NET\x.vb:Zeile 146.}

Is there any way to create a directory on a SFTP Server with .net?


Olaf Very Happy
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See remarks section on Session.ExecuteCommand article to understand why you possibly cannot use it.

Also check session log file (or attach it here).

This bug is a cause, why you are getting the strange error message:
Martin Prikryl

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