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Does anyone know of any pre-existing script or feature that will go through the directories in the Local and Remote locations in alphabetical order, log any differences into a file saved locally, and resume where it left off if the connection or WinSCP need to be restarted?

I have tried the "synchronize" feature, but unfortunately it tends to fail if the directory is too large, so one has to start over from the beginning, and can never finish. What I need is some way of verifying that the remote directory is 100% up-to-date that can withstand interruptions and other problems that plague "synchronize" and copy features.

Seems like something like this ought to's so fundamental! So I don't want to spend time writing one if it already exists (especially since I'm under a deadline).

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WinSCP does not support this.

Why is your connecting closing? There might be a way to prevent that.
Martin Prikryl
Joe Codeswell
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Dear Newbis and prikryl,

If either of you write something to do this [local/remote recursive directory compare], I'd be interested in using it as well.


Love and peace,


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