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When right clicking and dragging a file / folder in a remote directory (to a remote directory) the default behaviour is to move the file / folder. Would it be possible to have the option of creating a link instead?

Right now to create a link to a file I:

1) Copy the full path of the file I want to link to
2) Go to the target directory where I want to create the link
3) Select New --> Link
4) Paste complete path into "Link/shortcut file" and then remove path
5) Paste complete path into "Point link/shortcut to"

Surely there is an easier way (E.g. my request above Very Happy )?

Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for your post.

This request is being tracked already:
Martin Prikryl


Sorry I didn't see those requests in my original search Sad

Please don't wait another 2 years before implementing this feature Wink

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