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In Windows 7 x64, when I login to the server using WinSCP client with SSH private-key and passpharse, if I lose my Internet connection OR leave the computer idle/inactive for 20/30 minutes, the client re-authenticates the passpharse. If none of the WinSCP windows (main window and opened files for edits) were active at the time of re-authentication (of passphrase), the authentication dialog (modal) will be attached to one of the WinSCP child window (perhaps the last active one). When I try to access/restore that child window (that is the opened file for edits) from Aero or switch window using ALT+Tab, it suddenly disappears and bring up the main WinSCP window without giving me a chance to type the passphrase in dialog.

In such unfortunate situations, I can either terminate the WinSCP process and reopen OR quickly press enter as soon as I switch to child-window with dialog, which stays for few milliseconds, so to make it stick (ofcourse it will give invalid passpharse as I didn't had chance to enter anything).

Please fix this annoying UI glitch by making the re-authentication dialog persistent. Also, the dialog appears in front of only one window and its inaccessible. Please make the dialog appear in front of every opened file and the main UI because it leads to confusion if multiple files are opened for edits.
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What version of WinSCP are you using? Please try WinSCP 5.0.7.
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