Secure Profil is it possible ?



Secure Profil is it possible ?

Hi all,

The Automation script work fine with powershell and 2008R2 but,

I have a little problem with the [security Profil Winscp]
All of the information of my profil are :
HK_Current_user/Software/Martin Prikryl/WinSCP 2/Session/[My Session Name]

First HK_Current_User why not in HK_Users that's more secure
And if we want to secure a transaction with a SFTP Server, all of the connection information are in the current user, not good : ))

I can't write my profile connection in the script that's be worst.

So I see one solution :
Convert-to-SecureString my Script File, but i need to convert-from-SecureString for the execution
That's not very good but that's works fine (Ty Powershell)

My Question : If anyone knows how to bypass it i will very happy or just have an idee to make Winscp more secure for automation

Thanks to you by advance

Sorry for my poor english

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