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My vendor has created an account for me to access their SFTP server. I had created an script but could not pass the password authentication.

Below are the information provided by the vendor:

1. account name
2. SFTP server IP address and port number
3. private key(ppk)(no Encryption)

What I have done were:
1. Use PuTTY Key Generator to generate the Key Fingerprint:
- open PuTTY Key Generator
- Load the private key file
- select key type = SSH-2 RSA (1024 bits)
- NOTE: I have not enter a Key passphrase
- Generate
- copy the generated Key fingerprint and copy as -hostkey as shown
2. Create a script to connect to the SFTP server:
- open sftp://myaccount@ -hostkey="ssh-rsa 1024
3. Received an authentication error as shown in the log file attached.

My questions are:
a. do I need the vendor to create the account password and embed it
in the open statement?
b. if not, how can I resolve the authentication problem.

Thanks in advance.

Alex Yau
winscp_out.log (3.18 KB) [Download]

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1) You need to use -privatekey to specify a path to your private key.
2) In -hostkey you specify fingerprint of server's public key, not your private key.

No need to your step 1.
Martin Prikryl

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