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I'm using a simple script to login to a customer site using this type of code.

"C:\Program Files\WinSCP\" /console /script=p:\Check.scp

Then check.scp has these types of commands in the text file:

option batch on
option confirm off
open z_Testing
cd /documents/v2
option transfer binary
lcd P:\queue\

Earlier in the processing day I will have uploaded a file that the client using a PUT command in the script file.

The client parses the zip file that I send, and creates a validation file I need to access.

The problem is they put this into a new "sub-folder" that I don't know in advance, and thus can't change to that folder using the CD command.

It has a name like: XYZ_d9f88f2a-1961-4532-b892-5d8592f43e05\

Is there some way to use a wildcard and look for any "" file in any folders?

Or can I create a list of sub folders using the LS command and then use that to step through the folders found?

Any help for my newbie scripting efforts are appreciated.
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can you do a "synchronize local <local dir> <remote dir>" so that anything on the remote location will be duplicated locally?

is any part of the validation file that is the same each time, allowing you to use a filemask on?
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You can do "get", but that would replicate remote directory structure locally.
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