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I hate to ask this as there is a plethora of documentation available on the 'get' command as well as about masks and path masks. Unfortunately, I haven't managed to perform a recursive get. Can someone help with the syntax?

On a Windows XP box, my directory structure looks like this:


I am using WinSCP and a script file. I wish for the script file to begin with the 'Share' folder and recursively download all the files that end in "*.txt" without knowing what the subdirectories are.

I'm trying different syntax such as:
get *.txt
get Share*.txt
get mask /Share/*/*.txt
get -filemask /Share/*/*.txt
get -filemask "/Share/*/*.txt" c:\temp\winscp\files\

Nothing works so far. Can someone help this newbie?

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try using a synchronize local with a filemask. local says synch the local drive to match the remote, but don't push anything back to the remote

synchronize local c:\temp\winscp\files\ /Share/ -filemask="*.txt"

if you want all of the files, leave off the filemask
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get -filemask=*.txt /Share/*
Martin Prikryl


Thanks gman804 and prikryl. I appreciate the help. Smile

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