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Prior to post any request I played with WinSCP and I tried to synchronize a quit deep directory from local to remote SFTP server. I plan when I will manage to do it correctly with the GUI to do it via command line and schedule task : script already works, but I am struggling with exclude directory mask. Initially I thought I just need to keyin the full path of directory I want to exclude so let's take a concret exemple :

Here is what I want to synchronize (let's say from local to remote...) (see attachment tree.jpg)

Can you please give the file mask string I am suppose to use?

I would have made the following (see Exclude.gif) but it doesn't seems to work that way...

tree.jpg (18.42 KB)

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Exclude.gif (16.94 KB) [Download]

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These would do:
Absolute path: | /fullpath/tmp/Node 1/files/To Exclude/
Specific folder name only: | To Exclude/
Partial path mask: | */Node 1/files/To Exclude/

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