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Hey there,
I tried to upload al lot of Files to a Server using SFTP.

In the GUI-Mode I'm able to use 99,9% of the Network.
When I start WinSCP via Commandline the Networktraffic is between 30%-50%.
I tried to open parallel sessions first, but allways the same.
Then I tried the synchonize and mput command.
Allways the same...
So what can I do to improve the Transferspeed?
Is there a List with explenationof all the stetting in the Ini-File?


OK, let me explain a little bit more...
When I use the GUI and put all Files in the Queue up to 9 Files are transfered parallel.
When I use de Commandline and add a Folder or *.* the files are transmitted one after one, resulting in a slow transmission.
Is there a way to import a Queue-List from as file when starting WinSCP.
Then i could create a File including all Folders and Files, start WinSCP with Parameters and transfer all te Files automaticly...

Greets and regards...
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The scripting mode does not support parallel transfers. Sorry.

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