Transfer Resume Support IS A BUG, not a "feature"



Transfer Resume Support IS A BUG, not a "feature"

Hear me out.

I am calling WinSCP using SSIS & a script.txt file. Script is as follows:

option batch on
option confirm off
open <session>
option transfer binary
put <files>

And any file > 100 KiB is first sent as a .filepart. (Even though it has the ENTIRE file as .filepart. it can be 105 KiB, 107 KiB, etc.) The SFTP server is (I assume) running some process that locks the files for a few seconds and scans them.

So when WinSCP tries to rename the file to it's proper name, it FAILS because it is locked as it is placed.

The only way to circumvent this is through saving the session & selecting .INI storage option, & changing TransferResume = 2. I get that.

Problem is someone like me does not have PERMISSION to generate the .INI under the C drive (where WinSCP is installed). Also, saving a SFTP session seems a bit unsecure. I REALLY want to avoid doing this.

AND there is no way to pass this in as an advanced option in the script. This is literally the only way to circumvent this "feature".

If there is another way, please enlighten me. But as of right now I am stuck.

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