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I'm trying to use the command-line interface to reproduce what I'm doing in the winscp.exe GUI interface. In the GUI, I open an FTP session to my zOS system. I think I'm being affected by BUG49 that causes the directory listing to fail on non-UNIX FTP systems. However, that does not appear to be the root of my problem. After the GUI complains that it can't list my current directory, it presents me with a 2-pane window (local-sytstem on left, remote-system on right), with the remote pane blank. If I drag/drop a file from the local-pane to the remote-pane, I'm prompted with a dialog asking: "Copy file 'filename' to remote directory:" and a text box that allows me to enter the remote filename I want to use to upload the file. I enter a valid zOS data-set name and click the "Copy" button on this dialog, and the file is correctly uploaded. I'm then presented with another dialog indicating another failed directory listing.

But, I can't reproduce this behavior in the command-line interface. When I execute the "PUT" command, it refuses to correctly upload the file. The way I'm reading the log file, it appears that the command-line interface is getting bogged down in failed CWDs, whereas the GUI interface bypasses those CWDs and proceeds directly to the STOR operation...

Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong that I can't get past the failed CWDs in the command-line interface?

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I'm afraid there's no definitive way to hack this in the script.

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