Topic "Can't go to the previous dir while editing a file name."

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Phil SwRe


Very reproducible. Doesn't appear to cause big problems, however looks bad.

On either Windows or Unix side, hit F2 to edit a filename. Then navigate to the previous directory
using the blue "left arrow" icon while still editing. (You have to have moved forwards to a dir after login
for that to be available.)

Error is random, however it *never* just completes the navigation, so it pretty obvious something has happened.
Always reproducible, in descending order of frequency (kind of):
(1) A dialog box with "invalid access to memory" and red cross appears.
(2) Nothing happens, apart from the path to the left of the blue "left arrow" icon updates. The file list doesn't.
When you click in the window or hit escape the navigation completes or at least the page refreshes.
If you use cursor keys or type, the file name under edit changes. I didn't try committing that rename.
(3) The first time I saw this I got a different scary error message in a window. I only saw that once. I think it said "bogus unwind" "of stack" or "exception" or something.
I haven't found that message by googling.

WinSCP Version 4.3.2 build 1201. In the commander GUI.
This issue isn't since an upgrade. This is a corporate install and so I can't just upgrade to the latest.
Windows 7
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I cannot reproduce that.
Please upgrade to the latest version and let me know, if it fixes your problem or not.

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