full width colon - "folder doesn't exist" BUT does



full width colon - "folder doesn't exist" BUT does

Hi there!

WinSCP 4.1.8 build 415 Standalone, Win7 Pro 64bit

left is windwos (local) ||| right is debian (remote).. even if I think this side doesn't matter in this case

I have a windows directory that has full width colons like : on it.
I also can create folders on my debian using the exact same foldername copy&paste from windows.

BUT, if I try to copy the folder with winScp, it tells me:
File or folder doesn't exist (Code 2) ... and a magic rightclick on the dir even makes it dissapears form my local left window side.

The folder exists, contains files, and no other programm access it (I created testfolder).
I tried it with and without the "Replace '\:*?" option, but with no luck.

Can I fix this somehow?



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