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Im using WinSCP with server i made (actually it was developed for SFTP version 3).
After i connect and enter password, it gives me an error: Error decoding SFTP packet (9, 3, 9)
Attaching log (it contains several similar sessions with the same bug).
From my side (server) i see that it connects and opens dir without problems. Then server receives READDIR packet and sends list of files. At this moment i dont see and bug reported. For 2nd READDIR packet received from WinSCP server answers with EOF status (no files to list remain), looks like while receiving this status packet WinSCP fails.

Have no idea whats the problem. Yes, its possible that problem is not in WinSCP but in server, but i cant understand it.

WinSCP.log (137.26 KB) [Download]

Description: Log file, level 2

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You seem to be using SSH_FXP_NAME (0x68) for the status packet:
[quotye]< 2013-02-08 01:00:48.150 Type: SSH_FXP_NAME, Size: 9, Number: 780
< 2013-02-08 01:00:48.150 68,00,00,03,0C,00,00,00,00,[/quote]
Also the packet size is way too small for status packet. It seems to miss the "error message" and "language tag" fields.

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