Upload file and delete local file



Upload file and delete local file


I have spend the past 20 hours trying to figure this out. I have made the Sync script and is working. Soon, i realize it's not really what i wanted.

My goal is to upload all files found in c:\sync\ (there will be alot of sub folders inside) and delete from local files.

So, my sync script has successfully upload all the files inisde (and -criteria=size so that incase the file fails to upload, it will reupload)

But it does not delete the source files after uploading. I know the PUT command has a delete option. I could use PUT -delete *.* But the problem is that the sub directories and folders are not automatically created (correct me if i am wrong).

So am i right to say, the PUT command cannot automatically create the sub folders and upload *.*? I need the -delete command. There is no Move or Sync -delete :(

Thanks for all the help :)

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