FIXED This is drastic!!! Can't get tiles to server


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FIXED This is drastic!!! Can't get tiles to server

OK I said I wasn't a techie boy does this prove it. I called tech support at Godaddy and after a half hour of going back and forth it turns out I had two directories for the same web site, on in all caps and the other in all lower case. I was attempting to publish to the wrong directory. I was actually publishing to it but couldn't see the files on the internet because the internet was pointing to the other file.

It wasn't the WinSCP that was the problem it was me. Now I've got to make the donation for the program just cause.

I know it's not polite to bump a post. However this program is useless if it will not post the file to the server. I have saved a webpage. I have attempted to upload the page to my web host account and the page does NOT change.

I am using Win 7. Latest download of Winscp. I can go to the file manager at my web host and upload the file that way and the page does change. I have this problem on another site as well.

I am obviously doing something wrong. I can't figure out what it might be. PLEASE someone out there help me with this. I really do like winscp and the way it is ;aid out. Seems to have a lot of great features. I would be more than willing to donate to the program if I can get it to work. On the other hand if I can't use it I will have to find something else.

First I am NOT techie astute. I am using WinXCP 5.1.4 Build 3020 with command type window
Window on left is for the local files
Window on right is for the files on the server

I edit my files in frontpage2003. I save a new version of the file and then attempt to upload it to the server. Select file on local server and drag to server window and dopy dialog window comes up. Everything is set to default. I click copy. New copy dialog window pops up and shows the existing file as being the same. When I click copy it goes through a couple of other windows but doesn't appear to be actually sending anything.
when I check the website nothing has changed on the site. What am I doing wrong? Please?

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