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Hello, maybe someone can look at this and see what Im missing,
Im using win2k8 to backup 7 Ubuntu servers using automation script But there is an issue since this is only for redundancy I don't have a lot of space, so out of 20 files on Ubuntu located in /home/backup/data/daily-2013-Mar-9-01-30-01-full.tbz I just want to pull the last one and copy it to my win2k8 backup.tbz file
So here is the script.

@echo off
rem WinSCP Server Automated Backup.
rem Created for ME

rem Settings.
rem Server Login
set session=webserver-CHEV

rem Folder Settings.
set server_folder=/home/backup/data/
set local_folder=E:\webserver-CHEV\

rem filename settings
rem auto_name will set the archive file to dd_mm_yyyy=h_m eg. 12_02_2010-17_58
set auto_name=0

rem manual_name is for when auto_name is set to 0.
set manual_name=backup.tbz

rem Path to winscp.
set winscp_path=C:\WinSCP\

rem Log File 1 or 0.
set logfile=1

rem ------------------------------------------------------------------

set hour=%time:~0,2%
if "%hour:~0,1%"==" " set hour=0%time:~1,1%
set file_auto=%date:~0,2%_%date:~3,2%_%date:~6,4%-%hour%_%time:~3,2%

IF "%auto_name%"=="0" (set filename=%manual_name%) else (set filename=%file_auto%)

echo option batch on > script.tmp
echo option confirm off >> script.tmp
echo option transfer binary >> script.tmp
echo open %session% >> script.tmp

rem this checks to see if source is root or a folder.
IF %server_folder%==/ (set source=/) else (set source=%server_folder:~1,-1%)
rem if folder not root add -c switch.
IF NOT %server_folder%==/ (set switch=-C / ) else (set switch=)
rem if folder root then add --exclude=/proc
IF %server_folder%==/ (set exclude=--exclude=/proc) else (set exclude=)

rem v swtich is required to stop
#echo call tar -cvzf %server_folder%%filename% %switch%%source% --exclude=%server_folder%%filename%

%exclude% >> script.tmp

echo get %server_folder%*.tbz>1D %local_folder%%filename% >> script.tmp

echo exit >> script.tmp

IF "%logfile%"=="1" (set filelog=/log=%local_folder%%filename%.txt) else (set filelog=)

rem Execute script
%winscp_path% /script=script.tmp %filelog%

rem Delete temporary script
del script.tmp

So I have get %server_folder%*.tbz>1D and it does not work, it pulls every file while Im only trying to load the file backed up from last night.

Any ideas welcomed,

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I believe the > before 1D is somehow interpreted by the Windows shell and never gets to the the script file.

I've tried
echo a b>c d > script.tmp

I get only 'a b d' in the script.tmp

But with
echo a "b>c" d > script.tmp

I get 'a "b>c" d'.

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