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Hi - I REALLY like WinSCP. I'm using 3.55.

But it breaks some Windows navigation conventions.

For example, exiting the application. ALT+F4 works, thankfully, but how do you exit it via the menu? Normally in 99% of Windows apps you'd go 'File, Exit' and that's it (ALT+F+X). No thinking required.

In WInSCP, there is no 'File' menu at all, and you quit the app via the 'Commands' menu in the middle of the menu, and by then selecting 'Quit F10'.

That menu location is pretty unconventional. Furthermore, in many Windows apps (eg Notepad, Word etc), the F10 key is used to select the menu, equivalent to the 'ALT" key, not exit an app. Very confusing.

Similarly, when you have a file view up in WInSCP, it would be nice if F5 caused a refresh, in the same way it does in Windows Explorer and most other Windows apps (even Irfan View, my favorite freeware graphics viewer). Instead, in WinSCP, F5 is used to *copy* a file or folder. Very confusing as well.

There are lots of these instances where WInSCP does not behave as you would expect a Windows app to. It would be nice if WinSCP adoted some of these standard Windows navigation and UI conventions.

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You use Norton Commander interface of WinSCP, it follows Norton Commander interface conventions. If you like Windows Explorer interface more, switch to Explorer-like interface. I hope you'll like it more Smile
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