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I want to protect my auth without sending clear login and pass over the net and I want to do unencrypted file transfer, because files are not sensible and I want to preserve CPU ressource when transferring big files.

So I use explicit FTPs, with forced SSL for the AUTH, and no force SSL for file transfer (and directory listing).

Some more informations :
Version WinSCP : 5.1.4 (Build 3020)
OS : Windows 7
Transfer protocol used : ftp with SSL over ftp (explicit mode)
Using : GUI
Description :
The server I try to use is vsftpd on a Unix Server :
- auth over SSL is OK
- file transfert over SSL is OK.

My problem happens when I want to do auth over SSL and clear file transfer.
The vsftpd server is OK to do so (force_local_data_ssl=NO)
I can dot it with unix ftp client : lftp
With the same config for my server, and using WinSCP, I can't do it.

I try to put the following command in the "Post login commands" to force clear file transfer : PROT C
Using this, auth is OK (over SSL), and I have this error :
Error listing directory '/'
Could not retrieve directory listing
Directory send OK.

You'll find the logs with the attached file (2 sessions, one with PROT C : failed, one without PROT C : OK)

Is it a bug ?
How to do this ?

Thanks a lot for your help !


winscp-logs.txt (5.5 KB) [Download]

Description: 2 logs session for winscp

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WinSCP does not support this.
Martin Prikryl

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