Topic "Uploading file to an FTP server without DIR and CD support?"

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I want to use WinSCP GUI to send a file to an FTP server which has disabled certain FTP commands including DIR, CD, GET, etc. This is a "drop off" server that protects files uploaded by not allowing directory listings, not allowing attempts to change directories, disables downloading, etc. When connecting to this server, WinSCP first complains about not being able to get a directory listing but otherwise appears to connect, giving a blank directory on the Remote side of the Norton Commander-style interface. However, when I attempt to send it a file the transfer fails, likely because it's trying to do a "change directory" type command.

Is there a way to configure WinSCP to successfully send a file to such a system? If not, I would like to propose a preferences option to "support blind FTP" or something of that nature that would connect -- not attempt to get a directory listing -- and on an attempt to upload a file would simply send the file to whatever directory is the default starting directory.


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WinSCP does not support such setup. Currently I do not plan to change this. Sorry.
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