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Occasionally I need to download some data of an (SSL) FTP server. Now, this server closes the control connection after a while of being idle and WinSCP then displays this prompt:
Disconnected from server
No-transfer-time exceeded. Closing control connection.
Here, you can click OK, Reconnect or Help.

Transfers in the queue still keep going when that prompt is displayed and you don't touch it.
Now the problem is that this prompt stays in the foreground and you can't do anything in WinSCP, especially if it was minimized you can't see the current status because you can't restore or maximize the WinSCP main window without first clicking either OK or Reconnect in the prompt. I could make WinSCP reconnect automatically, but I don't really need to have a control connection open once I begin downloading, so I don't mind the server closing it.

Clicking Reconnect just connects to the FTP server again and the transfer is not interrupted or anything. Clicking OK however closes the whole session and requires logging in again and select the files to start the transfer again. Very annoying.

So, I'd like to request a new option where that when you click OK the prompt goes away and the whole session is NOT closed, and WinSCP keeps transferring the files in the queue.

Thank you!
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As of now, WinSCP is not designed to allow you to work with the main window without any session opened. So this is a huge change (still in plan though).
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