Continuous Operation - Ignore Errors and Continue


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Continuous Operation - Ignore Errors and Continue

Back in August 2011 I posted the following...

Using Version 4.34 Build 1428 - FTP - GUI - Command - Keep Remote Directory Up To Date - Windows XP 2002 SP3
Is it possible to ignore all Errors completely?

I have a local directory of 42 files while can be updated multiple times per second, so I am not concerned if one update is missed as I can run two instances of WinSCP on two network machines.

I need to ensure continuous operation come what may.

I get error 32 [which I have seen posted back in 2002 as Bug 501]
I am asked if I want to see errors after an operation which I do not.

** I still face the same problem - I don't care if there is an error - I just want to carry on without any manual intervention. Has anybody else got the same requirement and somehow resolved it?


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