Win8 - Automated Synchronization issues.



Win8 - Automated Synchronization issues.

Windows Version: 8 Pro 64-bit (windows update on for all updates)
WinSCP version: 5.1.5 build 3261

last working WinSCP version: unknown (had this running for years on a Win XP system that died)

login information via saved session with priv key file, protocol SFTP.

2 instances of WinSCP are started via a windows batch file (.bat) on system boot

@echo waiting 60 secs to start ftp - type ctrl-c to abort
@ping -n 61 >nul
start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" /keepuptodate c:\vws\root /home/lakerat2/ /defaults
@ping -n 11 >nul
start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP\WinSCP.exe" /keepuptodate c:\vws\data\noaa /home/lakerat2/ /defaults

as far as keeping the files synched this is working.

I'm having 2 specific issues:

ISSUE #1: On startup a dialog box titled "Confirm" = "Do you want to perform a full synchronization of the remote directory first?" (additional sentence redacted here)
options are Yes/No/Cancel/Help with a "never ask me again" checkbox. I check the never ask box and click Yes.

For unattended operation this first synch must automatically occur, without a dialog box. It seems to me that on the old system when this was first setup we simply checked the 'never ask again box' the very first time, but there after WinSCP was able to auto start without asking that question.

Specifically the "never ask me again" checkbox appears to not be working, this dialog appears on every re-boot, making unattended restart impossible.

ISSUE #2: After starting, clicking the "Minimize" button seems minimize to nowhere. The process is still running and transfers (i.e. local watched directory -> server) do occur (windows Task Manager also confirms). You do see the WinSCP transfer window briefly as a transfer is occurring, but process does not appear and is not retrievable from the taskbar or tray. Only way I can find to retreive the minimized window is to use "bring to front" from the windows Task Manager.

I've used this method for years and I think I'm reporting bugs with the current version, however if there is a better approach to the the script, I don't mind changing/updating/revising.

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