Topic "I minimised WinSCP, but now I can't maximise it again."

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I've just installed WinSCP to download a rather hefty amount of data - the version is 5.1.5, build 3261, running on a Windows 7 PC. The progress window was open, showing me the progress of the entire download, as well as each individual file. I clicked "minimize", and the progress window disappeared, but now I can't get the thing back - there is no WinSCP icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen, although I can tell the download is still progressing from the folder which the files are being downloaded to, and also Task Manager still shows WinSCP under the "Processes" tab, but not the "Applications" tab.

Is there anything I can do to get the progress window back, short of restarting? (I'd rather not restart since I think the download will take another 4 days, and I don't want to have to restart from the beginning!).

Many many thanks in advance.
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Do you have Minimize main window to taskbar status area option on? Meaning, do you expect WinSCP to be minimized to taskbar or the tray (status area)?
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