Topic "FTP file size is ZERO with socket5 proxy via SSL Explicit ."

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Hi Martin,
I posted two log files(one use proxy and another use none proxy),
File Protocal:FTP
Encryption:SSL Explicit encryption
Proxy Type:SOCKET5
WinSCP Version:WinSCP 5.2.2
OS Version:Windows Server 2008 R2

with proxy via SSL,the .txt file can be uploaded successfully ,but the file size is ZERO(local .txt file size is very small);

with proxy via SSL,the .txt file can be uploaded successfully , the file size > ZERO(local .txt file size is big);

with none proxy via SSL, everything is ok.

I have compared the two log file,I found that with proxy the log file exist a log-line :"Error retrieving server address, cannot test if address is routable",but another log file not exist.

Use proxy
1.when the .txt file size is 4K, uploaded to FTP server size be showed ZERO;
2.when the .txt file size is 49K,uploaded to FTP server size > ZERO;

Thanks a lot!

LogWithProxy.txt (5.97 KB) [Download]

Description: Log with proxy

LogWithNonProxy.txt (5.52 KB) [Download]

Description: Log with none proxy

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Thanks for your report.
I have sent you an email with a debug version of WinSCP to address you have used to register on this forum.

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