Trouble When Active Mode Is Required By Host



Trouble When Active Mode Is Required By Host


I am having trouble with just one account when using WinSCP. I have searched the forums but haven't found a solution.

I use WinSCP successfully with a number of different hosts. All those accounts are set up with pretty standard settings including that they are all done in passive mode and not with a numeric IP address.

The problem child is a small local host. They require a numeric IP address and passive mode unchecked. They have no trouble getting in with my log-in from various locations and using WinSCP. But I can't get in successfully.

At first it was just timing out so I made the time out 30 seconds instead of 15. Now I get in but here is the error I get:

Error directory '/directory_name'
The server cannot open connection in active mode. If you are behind a NAT router, you may need to specify an external IP address. Alternatively, consider switching to passive mode.
Could not retrieve directory listing
Can't open data connection.

When I click OK I am connected to their server but I cannot access any files or directories. There is just a blank window.

I have tried excluding the IP address from the Windows firewall with no change.

I used to get a similar message but when I clicked OK everything just opened up fine.

The host owner says they have done all they can and that the problem is my end so I will have to solve it. They are problematic in other ways. I have moved most projects to other hosts but the client is dedicated to them for a few remaining projects that still need some attention from time to time.

Is there anyone who can suggest a solution?


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