Download estimated time error



Download estimated time error

Hello WinSCP devs,

I encountered a GUI issue on the estimated remaining time while downloading a large file. The remaining time was 0s for several minutes but the download was still proceeding.

It's because I listed the content of the directory with the file to transfer before the file was completely created (large tgz archive).

The download interface was using the size of the file when the directory was listed instead of the size of the file at the beginning of the download (the file was finished to be created when I started the download).

Steps to reproduce :
1. create a large file (for instance >1Go using tgz archive creation)
2. while the file is created, open WinSCP and navigate to the file's directory (Commander interface) or refresh to get an intermediary file size
3. When file is created, start download
4. The download remaining time is estimated using the file size that WinSCP got during step 2
5. After some time, it is showing 0s remaining time even though the download is still ongoing

Please find attached a screenshot of the issue.

Version of WinSCP : 5.1.7
Protocol : SCP
System : Win 7

Is it possible to implement a list on the file size before starting the transfer to make sure the estimated remaining time is correct ?

Thanks and regards,

Description: Showing time left 0s and transfer at 100% even if still on-going


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Re: Download estimated time error

I'm aware of this problem. But the only solution, I can see, is to re-read directory contents before every transfer. That's a big cost for sake of a rare situation.
Martin Prikryl

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