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I am trying to interface with a partner FTP site using SFTP, I've gotten the winscp package for .net.

code looks like

        protected void UploadViaWINSCP()
            var sessionOptions = new SessionOptions
                Protocol = Protocol.Sftp,
                HostName = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["Host"],
                UserName = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["username"],
                Password = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["password"],
                SshHostKeyFingerprint = "ssh-rsa 1024 xx:xx:xx:xx etc",
                PortNumber = 22
            var localfilename = @"~/DataStore/" + ViewState["FileName"];
            var remotefilename = Path.GetFileName(localfilename);
            using (var session = new Session())
                session.DisableVersionCheck = true;
                session.Open(sessionOptions);  //gets here and crashes
                TransferOptions transfer = new TransferOptions();
                transfer.TransferMode = TransferMode.Binary;
                TransferOperationResult transferrResult;
                transferrResult = session.PutFiles(localfilename, remotefilename, false, transfer);

see comment line gets to the and kicks back with server said public key, which i have in a .pub file (both server and other). How do i use the public key file provided by the trading partner to upload a file to them, basically on demand, this is part of a larger project, 4.5 framework.
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Please post the actual error message.

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